"I am proud to be a champion for the Indian corridor, contributing to Ria’s success.”

Nehal Trivedi

India Corridor Champion
“I feel motivated to give the best service to our customers as a reflection of how I feel working at Ria: with respect, warmth and kindness.”

Nancy Molina

TeleRia Representative
“Our clients love our services, and because we are close to them we truly understand the peculiarities of each market and culture.”

Seynabou Cisse

Customer Service & Sales Manager
“We guarantee the best IT performance by tailoring our systems to meet the emerging trends and demands in the countries we serve.”

Pierre Diassy

IT & Integration Manager
“Our network is supported by an outstanding team that I am proud to work with every day.”

Akbar Sadat Ali

Global Network Expansion and Support
“Every correspondent we onboard, becomes part of the Ria family. I ensure they receive the same great service as our customers.”

Kanchan S Thakur

HR Assistant
“Working at Ria has provided me with opportunities to develop and advance my professional career.”

Zaliza Binti Che Rus

Senior Correspondent Department Representative
“I am proud to be a champion for the Pakistani corridor and deliver Ria’s outstanding service.”

Malik Muhammad Ikhlaque

Pakistan Corridor Champion
"We aim to give the highest level of service to our customers, and we are rewarded by them every day."

Almudena Salegui

Customer Service & Global Agents Manager
"Staff are supplied with the tools needed to optimize our resources and accelerate business performance."

Laura Grasa

IT Controller