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Ria Money Transfer Celebrates Annual Eastern European and Central Asian Summits

When we say Ria Money Transfer is a global company, we mean it. No matter the distance between offices, markets, or partners, we bridge those gaps as we do with our customers and their loved ones.

Every year, we take the time to sit down with our partners and agents, ensuring that we are providing them with all the tools they need to continue thriving and championing Ria.

For the 2019 tour of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Balkans, we chose Kyiv and Belgrade as backdrops.

Below, we go over the key takeaways from each summit. We hope it transmits the vibrancy and magnetism felt in both events.

Ria Connects Summit 2019: Kyiv

This year, we gathered our partners from Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the Ukrainian capital, where we invited each guest to give a small presentation on their countries. We discussed the products available in their markets, business opportunities, and marketing strategies.

For the second session, we asked participants to present a business case explaining their ideas and detailing what they would need us to provide them with to see their vision through.

We turned the presentations into a competition by incorporating a jury made up of judges from within and outside Ria.

Delegates from more than 25 countries were present, including representatives from two of our regulators in the region, the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan, who served as judges during the business case competition.

Even though the event was bilingual, in English and Russian, it was hard to distinguish which organization anyone was from. Why? The instant connection formed amongst participants was uncanny.

The event also featured a team-building tour of Kyiv where participants had to take selfies with the monuments, a great opportunity to bond, network, and get to know the city.

Finally, to close things off, we celebrated a successful summit aboard an enchanting boat trip down the Dnieper River.

The Orange Wave 2019 Summit: Belgrade

The orange wave has hit the Balkans once again, this time with the Serbian capital as the backdrop.

Representatives from more than 20 countries were in attendance between partners in the region and Ria delegates hailing from France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden.

Our partners presented on the fantastic job they have been doing thus far in their countries, keeping the business running through exemplary service and brand awareness tactics.

To keep the conference light, we divided the speakers into five groups, pairing everyone with the countries they were most interested in hearing. This way, all participants were able to make the most of the day from the different conference rooms.

That being said, we weren’t going to let them go without a team-building exercise.

As with the Kyiv crowd, participants explored Belgrade through a series of competitions, giving them time to get to know each other and Ria better.

“Although it has been a busy couple of months, hosting these events is always rewarding. It is truly inspiring to see everyone come together, ready to share experiences. We all left the summits feeling motivated. Before even making it back to the office, I already had emails from partners eager to take the next steps to make their business cases come true,” shared Alla Shelest, Head of Business Development for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at Ria.

For us at Ria, the secret sauce to a thriving business is connection, and the only way to foster it is through maintaining these close relationships with customers, partners, and colleagues. And the difference? It shows.

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