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Ria Money Transfer Awarded For Its Commitment To Labor Inclusion

Ria Money Transfer has been recognized for its corporate social responsibility efforts winning ‘Best Social Insertion Project for Employment in the Financial Sector’ by “Premios Empresa Social” (Social Business Award) in Spain.

The distinguished awards seek to publicly acknowledge cutting-edge projects that bring about value for the society promoting business practices that serve as a catalyst, prompting and paving the way for a fairer world.

Ria Money Transfer has a solid culture of corporate social responsibility, a culture strengthened by our deeply-rooted mission of giving back to the communities we cherish and serve.

The Project

In this occasion, Ria has been acknowledged for a labor inclusion undertaking. The initiative was presented to Ria by the Fundación Cepaim - a Spanish institution that promotes a model of an inclusive and intercultural society -, in collaboration with the “Incorpora Program” of CaixaBank - the leading retail bank in Spain – having as main objective to generate employability in marginalized groups that suffer discrimination, especially with the immigrant population, while enhancing the professional skills of the participants increasing at the same time their chances of getting a job.

The hands-on program encouraged the participants' integration into the workplace by participating in a real work environment for 200 hours at Ria's office in Madrid, following qualified training aimed at customer service positions such as transversal competencies, quality coaching, use of switchboards, communication workshops, among others.

Thanks to this project, Ria Money Transfer not only contributed with the level of employability of the participants strengthening their confidence and broadening their opportunities for insertion into the labor market, but also was able to incorporate six out of the ten students to its own staff.

Maria Góngora Tudela, Ria’s HR Training and Development Specialist, who was at the helm of the project explained, “This initiative has been a wonderful way for us to go a step further in our regular line of work regarding social and labor insertion, offering a more comprehensive professional development to people that, despite having work experience and education, stand fewer chances in the employment market and that consequently end up having access only to low qualification positions.

“Since our collaborations with the Cepaim Foundation started in 2016, we have had an open door to hiring potential profiles, who are eager to have an opportunity and demonstrate their great value in the workplace, enriching our human capital and culture of diversity,” she concluded.

For Ria Money Transfer this social integration initiative provided an avenue to offer a helping hand to people who have difficulty landing a job or who are at risk of social exclusion, being a fantastic way to create awareness in the business sector, contributing with the communities and the people we care and serve.

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