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Catastrophe in Indonesia: What You Can Do to Help

Tragedy has struck the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The mesmerizing beaches of Palu, Indonesia have become the backdrop of a three-fold catastrophe claiming more than 1,400 lives and leaving over 60,000 homeless.

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake shook the island of Sulawesi Friday night, where residents were setting up shop for a festival. Palu’s electrical system fell after the seism, causing tsunami sensors to fail.

By Saturday morning, 20-foot waves came crashing without warning into Palu Bay.

Just as Indonesians were beginning to recover from the quake-and-tsunami combination, the Mount Soputan volcano erupted on Wednesday morning.

The ashes reached an altitude of 20,000 feet.

Rescue groups have mobilized into the area, but Indonesia needs all the help it can get from the international community.

At Ria, we have joined the cause to aid the affected families as well as the thousands of displaced residents.

Around 20,000 of our worldwide locations are currently receiving donations on behalf of the American Red Cross.

To facilitate the collaboration between those who would rather make their donations online, we are offering $0 fee money transfers to Indonesia through our webpage (United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia) until October 15th.

In Malaysia, neighboring country of the devastated Indonesia, donation boxes are available at our 70+ stores throughout the nation.

Our Kuala Lumpur hub will go a step further by matching the amount donated as it did during the Lombok earthquake this past July.

Thanks to our collaboration with the American Red Cross, you can also donate by clicking here

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